Deficiency Notices and absences

We take our student's behavior, work, and attendance seriously at IDM. In the past we've asked you to notify us directly. NYU has a new system in place to notify us and any relevant individuals that you access through Albert. You are ALWAYS welcome to contact us through [email protected] with concerns about students, but please also use the new system built into Albert.

NYU has a surprisingly good tutorial on how to use this system :‚Äč

If you don't want to use the formal system in place by the university :

  • If a student is not doing well in your course for ANY reason, email the student ASAP, and cc: [email protected] and Deanna Rayment, [email protected] (the Coordinator of Student Advocacy and Compliance for NYU Tandon School of Engineering.)

    • Please do not wait to see if the student will improve.

    • Let them know their deficiencies as soon as it affects their grades substantially, and each time thereafter.

    • Please do not wait until the end of the semester or worse AFTER the semester or once the problem has escalated.

    • If in doubt, email the admin team, myself, and Deanna (minus the student) anyway.

  • I would email the student AND talk to the student (if you can get a hold of them) in person privately. You can always reserve a room, use an empty classroom or one of the phone booths in the outside hallway. Do this BEFORE the withdrawal date of the course so they have the option to withdraw without an academic penalty.

  • If you know a student is failing and you have notified them via email (see above), strongly encourage them to WITHDRAW from the course by the NYU withdrawal deadline. Look at the NYU Academic Calendar for this date each semester. This semester the date is Fri, April 3, 2020.

  • It's recommended that you add the drop/add and withdrawal dates in your syllabus calendar.

  • If after doing all of the above and they deserve a failing grade, give the student the grade they deserve. We do not encourage grade inflation in IDM.

If a student has an unexcused absence or excessive tardiness, immediately after class email the student and cc: [email protected] Please do not wait until the semester is winding down or after the problem has escalated. If in doubt, email us (minus the student) anyway. You can always raise a flag and/or commend a student in Albert too.