IDM Faculty & Staff

IDM Co-Directors

R. Luke DuBois, [email protected] - Research Director

Scott Fitzgerald, [email protected] - Academic Director

IDM Full-time Faculty

Ahmed Ansari, [email protected]

Tega Brain, [email protected]

DeAngela Duff, [email protected]

Carla Gannis, [email protected]

Regine Gilbert, [email protected]

Elizabeth Hénaff, [email protected]

Amy Hurst, [email protected]

Kathleen McDermott [email protected]

Benedetta Pinatella, [email protected]

Mark Skwarek, [email protected]

NYU Full-Time Faculty (who also teach for IDM on occasion)

Anne-Laure Fayard (Tandon's Tech Management and Innovation)

Anita Perr (Steinhardt's Occupational Therapy)

Beth Noveck(NYU Tandon)

IDM Staff

Adminsitrative Director

Eric Maiello, [email protected]

  • IDM Academic Advising (grad and undergrad)

  • Card Access

  • General Adminstrative Questions

Online Academic Coordinator

Jenelle Woodrup, [email protected]

  • IDM Academic Advising (grad and undergrad)

  • Primary contact for iNet courses and IDM Online

Assistant Program Administrator

Kazi Rahman, [email protected]

  • IDM Academic Advising (underggraduate transfer students)

  • Event planning

  • Job/Internship fairs and events

  • Social Media

Technical Director

Elton Kwok , [email protected]

  • IDM Software & network

  • IDM Equipment Room

  • Faculty Printing

Studio Research Coordinator

Gabriella Cammarata, [email protected]

  • IDM Hardware

  • Protolab and fabrication management

IDM Adjunct Faculty