Independent Studies

Independent Studies are student-driven, semester long projects carried out under the supervision of a faculty member. Students are to contact the Professor with a project proposal they are interested in. The Professor and student then discuss relevant information, such as meeting times, term deliverable, and semester milestones (weekly progress, midterm status, etc.).

You are not required to accept an independent study. It is ultimately up to you.

Independent Studies operate differently than a full on class, in that the structure is determined by the professor(s) and student. You do not have to meet for 3 hours each week (unless you want to), and can determine meeting days/times based on what works for everyone involved. You and the student could meet:

  • every week

  • biweekly

  • once a month

  • 3 times (at the beginning, during the middle, and at the end) or

  • however you both decide.

The main thing is that the work that the student does must merit 3 credits (unless otherwise specified), so the work for the semester should justify this (a good measure is a 3 credit class has 60 working hours/term). Additionally, the goal of an Independent Study should be for advancement of skills/interest outside of what is covered in our course offerings.