TCS Class Funds

The TCS Department can provide funds to support TCS (including Integrated Digital Media) courses, up to $300 per class. Funds can be used for field trips, class activities, food, guest lecturers, etc. Funds cannot be used for books, equipment, paying for a sub, etc.

You must apply for funds before April 1. It's recommended to do it at the begimnning of the semester before the funds are cut off.‚Äč

Paulette Bancroft may or may not be able to charge a field trip in advance. If she can not, you can be reimbursed.

To request reimbursement, please give receipt(s) along with a description of what the funds were used for to Paulette Bancroft, [email protected], Dibner / 5 MetroTech, LC 130B. Specifically state you'd like to use your TCS Class Funds; otherwise, she will charge the IDM operating budget and these are two separate budgets.

If you have a guest lecturer, email Paulette Bancroft, [email protected] (and cc: the guest) AFTER the lecture has taken place:

  • the name of the guest,

  • the date of the class,

  • the course number and name, and

  • specifically state you'd like to use your TCS Class Funds for a guest lecturer.

Paulette, will subsequently send a W9 to the guest so that they can receive the stipend. If they are already employed by NYU, a W9 is not necessary.